Suyash Shekhar

About Me

I am a Computer Science undergraduate at National University of Singapore specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Programming Languages. I am also a coreteam member (and President) of NUS Hackers. I am a scholar under the University Scholars Programme at NUS. You can find my sociolinguistics research papers and essays written during my studies at USP here.


Sea (formerly Garena) is one of the leading tech companies in South East Asia. I worked with the iOS team at Sea where I developed a Debugging SDK from scratch in about two months. It is used by all current iOS apps made or maintained by the company.

I interned as a Web Developer at Tinkerbox in the Summer of 2017. Tinkerbox is a Agile Web-Development company where learning is celebrated. Not only I picked up Ruby on Rails here but also learnt the importance of a formal, systematic way of developing software. With awesome colleagues and a great culture, Tinkerbox was an absolute delight.

Before I ventured into the field of software and computer science, I worked as a Law Intern at Tito Isaac and Co. LLP. There I learnt about legal research and drafting legal documents. I also got the opportunity to witness several cases in the High Court of Singapore.


I worked as a tutor for CS2010 which is the second algorithms class taught at NUS Computing. I made my own notes/slides for each session which you may find here. All in all, I got a positive feedback from 96% of my students and a score of 4.6/5.0 for effectiveness as a tutor (as compared to the faculty average of 4.1).

CS2103 is the largest Software Engineering class compulsory for all Computer Science undergraduates. It teaches the basics of software design, UML Diagrams, Design Patters and other important Software Engineering principles. I will commence tutoring this module in this upcoming fall.


Lumos is a light Swift wrapper around Objective-C Runtime functions to provide a simple, easy-to-use API for property/method swizzling and querying and modifying objects, classes and methods at runtime. You can find the source code and installation instructions here.

NUSLib is an iOS app to allow students to borrow and browse through books from the various libraries in NUS. Based on your borrowing history, it can also suggest related works. Other features include finding books by ISBN and barcode and an internal book review system. This project won the Best Project Award (iOS) at SoC Term Project Showcase (STePS) 2018. You can find the Source Code here.

Tetris-AI is a Java program based on a combination of the classic Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing which is optimised to play the game of Tetris. When trained well, the program can clear upto 2 million lines of tetris. You can find the source code here.

Sorting Hat is a project that I worked on together with my friend Varun. We devised an algorithm using z3 and pandas to optimise room allocation based on students' room and floor preferences. You can find the Source Code here.

PayBob is a telegram bot for managing finances. It allows users to track how much they owe others and how much other owe them. You can find PayBob at here. You can find the Source Code here.

Twitter Clone was my first Ruby on Rails project I worked on. The entire project was built in 2 weeks complete with tests for every component. You can find the Source Code here.

Bojio! was an Android app built together with three friends for Hack&Roll 2016. It was our first time using Android Studio. The app allows easy schedulling for people who wish to decide on a common time for a meeting. It parses and outputs .ics files to achieve this. You can find the Source Code here.


You can find my latest resume here.

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Wish to collaborate together? Drop me an email at or a tweet at @sushiomnomnom.